Our team is the core of our business: talented individuals that form an interconnected and dedicated bunch.

We work towards building a relationship made of trust and transparency with our clients. Every profile in our team is different yet interconnected, we work hand in hand to anticipate all your needs, as for us, it is not simply about buying a property but about acquiring a home.

Carina Nilsson

Partner founder

Carina has worked extensively in interior design in Stockholm before moving to Mallorca a couple of years ago. She then included real estate business to her portfolio and has found numerous top quality properties for her clients on the island. Specialised in interior and refurbishment projects, she has a flair for achieving the impossible. A sports fan, Carina balances life’s spin with moments of mindfulness that instil energy to her work.

Roberto Espada Horsfall


With almost 15 years of experience in real estate, Roberto has operated as chief of sales and office manager for many well-known international companies in Mallorca. He has also managed public and private tenders for a wide range of brands and firms. A great enthusiast of sea sports, Roberto loves surfing, diving and sailing in his spare time.

Anika Julin

Project manager

Anika has lived an international life and worked in several industries before moving to Mallorca. An entrepreneur for 20 years, she has a vast experience in project management. She has managed several companies and can be accounted for many successful refurbishments and internal design projects in Sweden, Mallorca and Thailand. A yoga lover, Anika starts her day with a headstand to clear her mind.

Claire Alliot Soto

Art consultant

In charge of all art related matters at Palma Markets, Claire brings her artistic vision to our interior projects. Born and raised in Paris, she found her passion for arts early on and has worked in the contemporary art market for years, both in Paris and London, before establishing her own consultancy: Paris Palma art advisory. A true cosmopolitan, she loves travelling and discovering new cultures.

Maria Del Mar Pallicer Oliva

Sales agent

With her exceptional awareness of the specifics of Mallorca’s real estate business, Mar focuses on sourcing the properties with greatest potential in Palma and its surroundings. Thanks to her experience in customer relations, Mar ensures a thorough attention to all details related to property sales. Mallorca born, Mar knows every corner of the island. Fond of great outdoors, specially the sea and the countryside, Mar also appreciates trekking and gardening.